Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Much ArTicles You Can Publish Each Day

Today i'll tell you that how much articles is okay to publish on your blog in one day. If you publish more then hundred articles on a single day then blogger apply captcha rule because blogger consider it as a spam or auto blog. Limit is hundred but you can publish ninety nine articles each day just to avoid captcha.

But In my Opinion There is no risk by publishing that much article on a single day if you done it for search engine only. The more articles you post more traffic you get. But I believe publishing posts in that much frequency is not really a great idea. The reason is, if you are averaging b/w 3 articles a day on your blog and suddenly you come up with ninety nine articles, this may increase the crawler rate and you can get double traffic or boost in page views as well. but your READERS/Subscribers won't be able to read them all, they would prefer to scan or rather skip most of them (due to their frequency).
So, If you published them all for search engines, its okay!
however If you want to keep your readers engaged then you should have made those articles PERFECT by proof reading them a multiple times and should have used them for next 30-33 days, by publishing 2-3 each day. As you never know when "Writers Block" occupy you..

Book - G.W. Basic TuToriaL Urdu VerSion

Hello, One of my friend asked me 2 months ago about G.W Basic Help. He said i need G.W Basic tutorial in urdu, & says i am tired of getting urdu tutorial, please help me! He was telling the truth, i find it later that G.W Basic Tutorial Urdu Version is not available any where..

I am sure that he will be not the only person in Pakistan, who search for G.W Basic Tutorials in Urdu.. Even I myself didn't find any source. Just imagine about those new commers.
How much difficulties they face while search for G.W. Basic Tutorial Urdu Version Book.

Then i contact my friend Riaz Ali Mangrio who is ExperT in G.W Basic to write a book in Urdu. He assured me that i will Try..

After a month i call him, to know any progress he made. He tell me that I write full notes, now who'ill be going to design it. Then we contact Murad Khan, and finally G.W Basic TuTorial Urdu Version book is ready for all Pakistanis...

This book is free of cost, You can download and distribute it any where you want..

DownLoad Book

Thursday, May 17, 2012

WhaT is AffiliaTe MarkeTinG - Earn Money From Your Blog

The one and easiest way to
earn money online or from your website or blog.. You just need a solid blog with thousands+ Unique visitors. More visitors on your blog increase chances of geting more customers..

WhaT You do is That:

You First find best affiliate
program near you.. Search on internet or get an advise from other bloggers and friends. You can contact bloggers on blogger's communities, facebook, twitter and many more opportunity to contact bloggers are there..

Then you choose affiliate site and do sales promotions only.

WhaT Is Sales PromoTions:

Sales promotions is like if you have products at Amazon... If traffic comes there and clicks impressions would increase and if this traffic converts to Customer, you would be paid for each conversion by some percentage. Its quite easy to generate money from your blog with affiliate Market, without geting tension of invailid clicks or less impression etc. You just need visitors & money will follow you..


Amazon pays a bit less but lots of affiliate websites are available there..

Step To Your PerFecT WebSiTe

1. Find the right domain Name:

Ye basic step hai website banany ka...or sb se mushkil b...:(
Customers, Search Engine or internet ki dunya me ye url apki pehchan hogi..khyal ye rakhen k url ap k site k topic k mutabiq hun, agar topic k mutabiq url available ho, to boht aala hai, availble na ho to koe bat ni, koe or sahi..lekn url short, descriptive or easy to remember ho...

2. Find the right domain Extention:

Log aj kal site bana k sub domain, .tk ya koe or domain forward pr khush hoty hai, lekn ye teek ni hai, custom domain se visitors b aty hai, (in my opinion..;) )
.com domain ki bari value hai,.. .com available na ho to .net 2nd choice hai, Agar Pakistani audians ko target krna hai tu .pk best hai, make sure .com b redirect ki ho, means apki web hai to purchase kr k main web pr redirect kren..
3rd agar non-profit organisation ho jaisa k
To .org best rahy ga...

3. Receive The BesT HosTing

Dunya-e-internet me hazaro web hosting providers hai.. In me ik choose krna shatranj k chal ulatny se zyada mushkil hai.. Me sirf ik mushwara dunga, aise hosting company choose kry jis k owner pr full aitmad hun, jo acha banda hun like (Murad Khan). Ni to Mba k web ka hal hove ga..:(
Ab aty hai lecture ki taraf, Taqriban saary new webdesigner start me free ya cheap hosting ko choose krty hai, lekn s me kafi drawbacks hoti hai, hack hojati hai, ya server down hojata hai, or apki web b urh jati hai,.. fit service hai,,

4. Choose The Perfect design

What's your favourite
website? and why do you like it???

Often, the greatest work is spawned from respectful imitation,

So janab visit krna shoro kren, 2 ,3 din tak surfing kry, jo site pasand aye un ko bookmark krty jaye. ab ALLAH Ka naam ly k design krna shoro kren.. Bookmark ki hove site only inspiration k liye hai, not for copying...;)
Ap ne ye note krna hai, Design, colour scheme, and layout..
Ye sb daik k s tarah ki site design kry..

5. Template:

Template bari zarori cheez hai agar apny web se earn krna hai to,
Premium template best hai, jo 1$ se 500$ tak mil jae ga,, start me thory paise invest kry to agay ja k earn double krogy,

6. Content

Daika jae to content basic requirment hai kisi b website ka,
Pehly log aik dosry se copy kr k kam chala laity thy, lekn aj kal google ne ik naya nizam mutarif kia hai, Jisy google Panda kehty hai,
Google us website ko panalize krdaita hai, jis me copy paste material ho, google se traffic ni mily gi, rank ni mily ga, adsense approve ni hoga, approve hai to ban hojaega.
So beware google panda will be a major impact to you because Google mainly deployed this algorithm to prevent content farmers a butt kick..:)

7. Visitors:

Pehly to ap ne google se visitors lainy hai, lekn sirf google pe depend ni krna chahiye, 2nd source Social networks hai, pehly facebook hai, apny site ka fan page banaly, like b karaly logo se, then post k link share kry,, visiters ati rahy gi,
2nd Twitter hai, twitter pr hr post share kry, famous words se pehly # symbol laga kr highlight kry,
S tarah google+, digg, stumbleupon, reddit, myspace, youtube etc use kry...