Thursday, May 17, 2012

WhaT is AffiliaTe MarkeTinG - Earn Money From Your Blog

The one and easiest way to
earn money online or from your website or blog.. You just need a solid blog with thousands+ Unique visitors. More visitors on your blog increase chances of geting more customers..

WhaT You do is That:

You First find best affiliate
program near you.. Search on internet or get an advise from other bloggers and friends. You can contact bloggers on blogger's communities, facebook, twitter and many more opportunity to contact bloggers are there..

Then you choose affiliate site and do sales promotions only.

WhaT Is Sales PromoTions:

Sales promotions is like if you have products at Amazon... If traffic comes there and clicks impressions would increase and if this traffic converts to Customer, you would be paid for each conversion by some percentage. Its quite easy to generate money from your blog with affiliate Market, without geting tension of invailid clicks or less impression etc. You just need visitors & money will follow you..


Amazon pays a bit less but lots of affiliate websites are available there..


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