Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book - G.W. Basic TuToriaL Urdu VerSion

Hello, One of my friend asked me 2 months ago about G.W Basic Help. He said i need G.W Basic tutorial in urdu, & says i am tired of getting urdu tutorial, please help me! He was telling the truth, i find it later that G.W Basic Tutorial Urdu Version is not available any where..

I am sure that he will be not the only person in Pakistan, who search for G.W Basic Tutorials in Urdu.. Even I myself didn't find any source. Just imagine about those new commers.
How much difficulties they face while search for G.W. Basic Tutorial Urdu Version Book.

Then i contact my friend Riaz Ali Mangrio who is ExperT in G.W Basic to write a book in Urdu. He assured me that i will Try..

After a month i call him, to know any progress he made. He tell me that I write full notes, now who'ill be going to design it. Then we contact Murad Khan, and finally G.W Basic TuTorial Urdu Version book is ready for all Pakistanis...

This book is free of cost, You can download and distribute it any where you want..

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Fahad Boss said...

Amazing book brothers... Acha kaam kar rhe ho....

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