Saturday, May 19, 2012

How Much ArTicles You Can Publish Each Day

Today i'll tell you that how much articles is okay to publish on your blog in one day. If you publish more then hundred articles on a single day then blogger apply captcha rule because blogger consider it as a spam or auto blog. Limit is hundred but you can publish ninety nine articles each day just to avoid captcha.

But In my Opinion There is no risk by publishing that much article on a single day if you done it for search engine only. The more articles you post more traffic you get. But I believe publishing posts in that much frequency is not really a great idea. The reason is, if you are averaging b/w 3 articles a day on your blog and suddenly you come up with ninety nine articles, this may increase the crawler rate and you can get double traffic or boost in page views as well. but your READERS/Subscribers won't be able to read them all, they would prefer to scan or rather skip most of them (due to their frequency).
So, If you published them all for search engines, its okay!
however If you want to keep your readers engaged then you should have made those articles PERFECT by proof reading them a multiple times and should have used them for next 30-33 days, by publishing 2-3 each day. As you never know when "Writers Block" occupy you..


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